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Cloud Storage Unlimited

The 3 Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Providers in 2022: Features & Pricing Compared

Cloud Storage Unlimited – One of the hottest buzzwords in cloud computing, or rather, “infinite storage.” Since DropBox was introduced in 2007 with its unlimited photo and file sharing capabilities, many providers have released their own version that unlocks this potential by allowing individuals to upload any amount they want without worrying about running out of space. Cloud storage has revolutionized the way we manage our digital lives. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft offer their customers easy cloud solutions, from file backups to collaborative environments. The question remains: Is cloud storage unlimited?

When comparing cloud storage solutions and providers, three terms that can confuse the decision-making process are “cloud”, “backup” or sync. Understanding what they all mean will help you decide which one is best for whatever service you need!

3 Best Unlimited Cloud Storage 

1. for Teams has long been Cloudwards’ top choice for cloud storage in general, and with the addition of its unlimited plan in 2021, it should come as no surprise that it’s been catapulted to the top of this list as well. The service features excellent security and privacy, as well as extensive file-sharing functionality and one of the best versioning policies in the business.

It’s not entirely without its flaws, as upload and download times are a bit slower than some of its competition, but this is a small price to pay for everything else has to offer its users.

2. Google Drive Unlimited Cloud Storage

The power of cloud storage isn’t just about having access to the device one has on hand when accessing the Internet or data. Conversely, for anything stored at this network scale, there must be a number of hardware devices that become a potential weak link in the chain.

On average, a 1TB storage plan should be enough for a personal user or even a small business at any given time. When Microsoft is dealing with unlimited cloud storage, it has cost users more than 75 TB of data space! That’s equivalent to 14,000 times what most people keep on their laptops and computers every month! Even when businesses promise unlimited storage, hardware has trouble delivering on big promises.

Another overlooked factor in cloud storage is the physical location of all the data. As we’ve just covered, individual users can upload their photos and files to any number of different services, such as Amazon Cloud Drive, with just a few clicks; but those uploaded pieces don’t just “float” from one device to another without somewhere to go. For many users, this can and should be a closely monitored factor. Worldwide data centers are located in the Americas as well as other regions such as Europe Africa Asia Australia.

In most cases, you don’t have a choice about where your data is physically stored. If you use the Amazon Cloud Drive public cloud platform to store information, it may be transferred from the site and to data centers around the world:

3. Dropbox Business

Dropbox was created in 2007 and today it’s one the most recognizable names in technology. It set many trends in both syncing and file sharing, which are still being perfected. Dropbox was the first service to implement the sync-folder model, and its take on it is among the best.

There are two Dropbox plans that offer unlimited cloud storage: Advanced and Enterprise. There’s not much to say about Enterprise, as the details are only revealed once you contact Dropbox’s sales team and ask for a quote. Advanced costs $20 per user per month, but there’s a discount if you pay per year. There’s a minimum of three users though, meaning the least you’ll pay is $60 per month.

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